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Chart reporting solution for independent record stores



Sales analysis
Zero maintenance
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What is Mobar?

MoBar is our sales data capture solution that allows for independent record retailers to capture sales in realtime. No broadband required, no messy wires, just plug & scan. It consists of a high performance barcode scanner and a dedicated cellphone which relays each scan immediately in real time to Ranger’s servers in the cloud, using the GSM network. Retailers can log into the cloud to see their sales as they happen, especially useful for independent stores with multiple outlets and for owner operated stores where the owner may away from the premises.

A major factor in Mobar’s lower operating cost is the lack of a need any data wiring in the store. This is especially important in independent stores where equipment installation is sometimes problematic and counters are frequently moved to maximise use of space. Provided MoBar has an active mains connection no maintenance is required. The system is completely automatic and will operate as soon as it is plugged in, eliminating any need for staff involvement. It will work anywhere that there is cellphone signal and for locations where this is problematic, it can use the store’s own wi-fi.