What we do

Music Charts service

Chart compilation

Ranger has been responsible for the compilation of national charts since 2008 and pioneered the incorporation of streaming in charts in 2011.

EPOS system for record retailers

The OSCAR system

Oscar is an EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system designed to allow small independent music stores to share in the technology only normally available to Multiples.

Sales scanning system for independent music stores

MOBAR cell phone scanner

Mobar can be installed independently of local infrastructure, and allows for smaller record stores that would normally be excluded from reporting to the national record charts to contribute their influential sales patterns, often foretelling trends in the wider market.

Online portal for live event retailers sales data capture

Colossus system

Colossus online portal for retailers’ sales data submission, designed for offline reporting of sales from venues and other locations, allowing these types of retailer to participate in the National record chart process.